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What Is CBD?

Derived from the hemp plant, CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of over 80 cannabinoids present in the hemp plant. CBD is the the non-psychoactive portion of the plant, meaning that you won’t experience a high as you would with THC. Benefits users of CBD experience can include: a sense of calm, recovery from physical stress and inflammation, improved sleep, and more.


CEO Bruce Beckett Walking a TKO Hemp Field
TKO Reserve CBD Pre Rolls

Rolling Process

We’ve perfected the commercial joint rolling process to bring you the most expertly crafted, connoisseur pre-rolls. Folded by hand and inspected to provide quality assurance, we only use high quality, ultra-thin rice paper and full buds – never any shake or trim. Kief is reintroduced into our pre-roll material to assure high potency and effect and terpenes are always preserved as much as possible so when you pop the top you can smell it from across the room.


CBD Hemp Seeds

Our first seed production venture in 2017 opened our eyes to how rewarding it is to bring a completely new, unique strain to life. Since then, we’ve continued to breed and partner with expert breeders to expand and perfect our seed catalog and have expanded into multiple state-of-the-art indoor facilities throughout Oregon and Oklahoma to produce high-quality, feminized hemp seeds for farmers worldwide. Our primary goal is to create an impeccable smokeable hemp flower – a final product that looks like any bud you’d see on a dispensary shelf – and smells like it, too! We search for the best possible combinations to give our hemp a developed smell just like your favorite THC strains. All of our hemp seeds have tested under the federal limits of combined THC (<0.3%).

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TKO Reserve Hemp Seeds