From Our Farm,
To Your Family

Farm Journal


We opened our first warehouse selling medical marijuana in Kirkland, WA.


We grew into a larger facility based near Seattle.


As recreational marijuana was legalized, we opened an even larger warehouse in Bainbridge.


We opened our TKO family farm in the Rogue Valley of Oregon.


We introduced our animal sanctuary, where our rescued farm animals play a special role in our ecosystem, growing practices and cultivation cycle.

Our Values

 Our family believes in creating the cleanest products available. Grown with high-UV sunshine on our ecologically conscious farm; we utilize companion planting polyculture, cover crops, and other regenerative practices. We cultivate cannabis with organic, sustainable and biodynamic practices so you can be confident in what you’re smoking. By treating ourselves, the land, and each other with respect, we’re able to give our plants and products the passion, creativity and love they deserve!